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Family Vacation Part 2: We're Just Getting Started

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Reveries and Soliloquies: Family Vacation Part 2: We're Just Getting Started

Reveries and Soliloquies

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Family Vacation Part 2: We're Just Getting Started

Rebekah pre-flight

Rebekah: It's My Big Fat Indian Wedding.
Me: Huh?
Rebekah: On the plane. Half of the plane is an Indian wedding party.

I like to people watch, especially at the airport. The story lover in me imagines fictionalized lives for the people passing by. I imagine where they are going, who they are meeting, if they are happy to be coming or sad to be going. So as a people watcher, I was one of the first to notice the panicked flight attendant running to the front of the plane and whispering with her colleague. Now call me a paranoid flyer, but that is something you never want to see when you are 30, 000 feet above God's Creation.

Flight Attendent: Um, ladies and gentlemen, we have a medical emergency on board. If you are able to assist please press the call button.

Before I know it, they are ushering my dad back to the middle of the plane followed by an oxygen mask, defibrillator, and first aid kit. After 15 long minutes, flight attendants running back and forth, whispered conversations in the cockpit, and fear that we would have to turn back to Vancouver, dad finally sauntered back to his seat.

Me: What happened?
Dad: Someone in the wedding party decided the cure for their flying phobia was a sleeping pill and a shot of tequila. 

The rest of the flight had almost every single person of the 70+ member wedding party thanking dad and the flight attendants bringing us free food and travel vouchers. We were off to an interesting start.

We landed in Cancun without any further excitement and breezed through customs thanks to my foresight in filling out everyone's customs forms on the flight. We plowed through the excursion peddlers and taxi scammers to find our driver and were elated to see that it was the same driver from last year. And just like last year he zeroed in on me:

Driver: Senorita, you are too white! You need mucho sun and tequila!
Me: I'll take the sun but you can keep the tequila.

45 minutes later we arrived at our resort, checked in to our rooms that were a stones throw from the pool and beach, ate dinner, took a quick tour around, and then collapsed in to bed. 

After all, tomorrow is another day.


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