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Reveries and Soliloquies: Montréal, je t'aime

Reveries and Soliloquies

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Montréal, je t'aime

This past year has been a difficult adjustment for me since moving back to Vancouver. I was born in Montreal, moved to Vancouver at a young age, then moved back to Montreal the summer of my 18th birthday for university with the intention of never leaving. Fast forward 5 years and me making an impromptu decision to move back to Vancouver to be with my parents and my siblings. A year later and I am still in awe of the work that God did in my heart to get me back on the West Coast. 

Montreal has always felt like home. It will always be home...just not where I live. Yes, that was the sound of my heart breaking, but God and I have had this conversation multiple times over the past year, and I know that Vancouver is where I need to be. For better, for worse.
I have been driving my parents and siblings crazy with my homesickness for the city of my heart. Every day I bemoaned "I wish Vancouver had [insert Montreal landmark/restaurant/activity here]." The one year anniversary of the big move came and went, as did the opportunity to back to visit. My teaching contract ended June 30th so I couldn't afford the flight across the country. Which broke my heart because I didn't know when I would have the chance to go back. Until....

Picture It: July 19, 2011. I am in the kitchen washing the sink talking to mom who has just returned home from work. Dad comes thundering down the stairs.

Dad: I have to go to Montreal on Thursday. Mom is coming with me. Do you want to come for your birthday?
Me: That's a cruel joke. Not funny dad. (scrubbing a little harder than needed)
Dad: I'm serious! I'm trying to book the tickets but there aren't many seats left. Do you want to come?
Me: DAD! That is NOT FUNNY! 
Dad: (smirking) I'M NOT JOKING!
Mom: Isaia! That is not how you tell her her birthday surprise!
Me: (now crying) You're serious?! YES!!!!! YES! YES! YES! YES! Can I stay for 10 days?
Dad: Great! We leave the day after tomorrow. Start packing. 


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